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Engaging Younger Voters

The League of Women Voters asked a great question. 18 - 35 year old voters apparently are apathetic compared to other voters resulting in lower participation. What might you say to them? Here's what I said in one minute.

The League also asked about a proposal to add "Early Voting" in Connecticut. Like always, I did some homework and listened before speaking.

“I will represent the needs of Greenwich and recognize my job is to advocate for them. We should be clear what problem we are solving before changing something as important as voting rights and ballot access”

2020 voter turnout in Greenwich was 86% of eligible voters voting. This rate exceeds voter turnout in 37 of 39 Western democracies. Only Australia and Sweden did better than Greenwich and it's illegal not to vote in Australia.

Voter turnout at the 2020 election in Connecticut was higher than five other states that have 27 days or more of early voting such as Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wyoming, and California.

We have an engaged electorate!

I believe voters receive important information over time throughout the campaign process. Therefore, early voting robs voters of the opportunity to have complete information when casting their ballots. Assuring voters are well-informed is paramount for me.

However, there are clear circumstances when voters cannot vote at their local polling place on Election Day. We must and already do provide early voting and ballot access for people who can't vote in-person for medical, religious, education or just "out-of-town" reasons.

There is a referendum on the November 8 Ballot asking if the Connecticut Constitution should be amended to allow the legislature (which is political and partisan) should write a new election law. I think the legislature is the wrong place to decide any changes and a specific plan should be put directly to voters. This is too big and too important.

If voters of CT decide to approve the referendum and it comes before the Legislature, I would support using the existing absentee ballot process with modifications which provides in-person voting at our Town Hall before Election Day.

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